Vegan Father’s Day BBQ


When I think of Father’s Day, I think of my father’s famous BBQ’s. He loves grilling meat on a grill, but ever since I’ve been vegan he’s been more open to grilling veggies as well. In fact, he has perfected the art of grilled broccoli, so much so that even my teenage step-brothers beg for seconds of his home-made barbecued broccoli. So, keep reading to discover his amazing recipe as well as find out how easy it is to put together a vegan barbecue for your father this Father’s Day.


The classic staple in any barbecue is the burger. And trust me, vegan burgers do not disappoint. In the words of my husband, the best vegan burger is by Beyond Meat. With 20 grams of protein, 25% of your daily intake of iron, zero cholesterol, and only 5 grams of saturated fat, this burger is beyond healthy but without all the fattiness and cholesterol of a normal beef burger. Beyond Meat keeps the whole experience of cooking burger as similar as possible, so they’ve worked very hard to create a burger that changes color as you cook it just like animal protein by using beets as one of the primary ingredients for the color and for its ability to “bleed”. The beets give the patty a red-meat appearance and provides the juice for it to cook just like a normal burger would normally cook in its own juices and fat. And, while your dad is cooking up these amazing burgers, you can easily prepare the toppings like lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, etc.


Another thing you can easily throw on the grill are veggie kebabs. You can make these yourself, or you can buy them in the deli section at your local grocery store. Most kebabs come with pieces of meat stuck between pieces of bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions. However, you can ask the deli to prepare kebabs with only the veggies if they don’t have any prepared. You can just simply place them on the grill plain, or you can dress it up in a vinaigrette-based marinade. My two favorite marinades are by Lawry’s, which are cheap and found in most grocery stores, are Lawry’s Lemon Pepper Marinade and Lawry’s Teriyaki Marinade with Pineapple Juice.


Another delicious grilled veggie is corn. Grilled corn is one of my favorite barbeque essentials, plus corn is super affordable and in season during the summer. I like to top my grilled corn with vegan butter, sea salt, pepper, cilantro, lime, and a hint of cayenne. For non-vegans, you can even top it off with a little sour cream and shredded cheese.



1-2 large heads of broccoli

Worcestershire Sauce

Soy Sauce

Brown Sugar


  1. Set oven to broil.
  2. Cut off broccoli florets from the stem and rinse under clean water.
  3. Make a little bowl out of tin foil and prepare sauce by mixing 1-part Worcestershire sauce, 1-part soy sauce, and 2 parts brown sugar in it.
  4. Place sauce on top shelf of oven and broil until the brown sugar begins to bubble.
  5. Take sauce out of oven and place broccoli florets into the tin foil bowl. Cover the bowl with more tin foil to have it fully encapsulated so the sauce can steam into the broccoli.
  6. Place broccoli on the grill for about 15-20 minutes.
  7. Take off the grill and enjoy.


I hope that this Father’s Day you can share and enjoy a vegan barbeque with your dad, grandpa, or any person who’s been a father figure in your life.

Vegan Eats New York: Part 1


What would New York City be without its tall skyscrapers surrounding you, making you feel like a small child discovering a new world? This week’s post takes us to New York City where every traveler knows the buildings themselves are a must-see. So, while you make your way around the city to see these architectural wonders, I’ll show you the best vegan restaurants nearby so you can experience the best view and the best food in the city.

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And stay tuned to read Part 2.

Vegan Rice Krispies Treats Recipe


Summer is closely approaching and so are my cravings for my favorite summer treat – Rice Krispies Treats.

Now, some people might not know this, but store-bought Rice Krispies Treats are not vegan – they’re not even vegetarian because one of the main ingredients, marshmallows, has gelatin in it. And a lot of gelatin consists of animal fats. The hard part is that most products don’t label whether their gelatin is animal or plant based.

So, when I’m craving this tasty treat I make them myself. That way I know for certain they are vegan.

To find vegan marshmallows, check out your local Trader Joe’s. They carry vegan marshmallows seasonally. So, if you want to make these treats year-round, make sure you stock up on the marshmallows since they are only available during the summer months. However, if you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s you can also try looking for them at your local co-op. I found them there with no problem. Or, you can also purchase them online from various websites like or

Any version of Rice Krispies cereal will do the trick. I used the generic brand sold at Trader Joe’s since it is cheaper by $2 than the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies brand. And the last ingredient you will need is plant-based margarine (vegan butter). I always have Earth Balance on hand in my fridge, so I used that in this recipe. It’s one of my favorite vegan butters.

These are super easy to make and super tasty. Below is the recipes and instructions. So, go ahead. Treat yourself.


Vegan Rice Krispies Treats


1 10 oz. bag of vegan marshmallows

6 cups (half a bag) of Rice Krispies Cereal

3 Tbsp. of margarine (vegan butter)


  1. Heat pot on a stovetop to low-medium heat.
  2. Add margarine (vegan butter) into the pot.
  3. When margarine is melted, add marshmallows into the pot.
  4. Continuously stir marshmallows to avoid the marshmallows burning the bottom of the pan.
  5. After about 10-15 minutes, marshmallows should have melted into a fluffy, liquid texture similar to marshmallow fluff. Turn down heat to low and add in Rice Krispies cereal.
  6. Stir in one cup of Rice Krispies cereal at a time to make it easiest to stir and evenly distribute.
  7. Once the cereal is evenly stirred into the marshmallow mix, turn off the stovetop burner and transfer the Rice Krispy mix from the pot onto a wax-paper lined cookie sheet.
  8. After scooping Rice Krispy mix out of the pot onto the cookie sheet, flatten the Rice Krispies batter until it is as smooth as possible and shaped however you desire.
  9. Let it cool for about 30-60 minutes and then use a knife to cut evenly shaped squares (or stars, hearts, whatever shapes you desire). Plate and enjoy.