Natural, Organic, and Eco-Friendly Vegan Makeup Brands


If you are new to being vegan, you might not know that a lot of makeup companies still test on animals. I honestly have no idea why animals need to be tested for mascaras and lipsticks. It seems a bit outdated to me. But, not to worry because more companies everyday are becoming cruelty-free and are making their ingredients vegan. So, I’ve compiled some of my favorite companies that are organic, natural, and eco-friendly. If you are like me and you like to change up your makeup for summertime, then make sure to check these makeup brands because they offer lightweight, colorful, and fun products for summer. But make sure to read to the end to find even more vegan makeup options at the drugstore and high-end vegan makeup options at places like Sephora and Ulta.

Before I dive in, I’d like to note that certain vegan makeup brands are excluded from this list because while they retail in the US as vegan, however, they sell to China which tests all their imported makeup on animals making them not vegan.



This is a wonderful, budget-friendly brand. They offer quite a range in skin care as well as makeup items. Their primers, skincare, lotions are by far some of their best-sellers. But I happen to like their eyeshadow palettes because they make have natural colors as well as colorful, smoky palettes as well. Most products range from $10-$20, making these makeup items easily affordable and accessible.

Shop Pacifica online here.

Real Purity


This makeup brand is perfect for those that are new to vegan, cruelty-free makeup because they are best known for being able to select sample colors to choose from, which makes it easy for you to pick the right color for you and your skin tone. So, you can easily get samples without having to commit right away to the investment of a whole bottle or tube of product. What I like best about this company is that their products are made from all-natural botanical and plant-derived ingredients. Plus, they affordably range from $10-$30 per product.

Shop Real Purity online here.

Juice Beauty


This natural and organic makeup company is best known for moisturizers and anti-wrinkle treatments and serums. But this company takes eco-friendly to the next level by being USDA certified Organic, using local sources for its ingredients, and using solar and wind power in the manufacturing as well as using recycled packaging. Not only are they vegan and cruelty-free, they also give back to charities as well. They are priced from $20-$40.

Shop Juice Beauty online here.



Afterglow is a great brand for those with sensitive skin because their organic, natural ingredients blends minerals and natural pigments to carefully formulate their makeup to be soy-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan and fair trade. They are best known for the colorful pigments which are exemplified best by their color range in blushes and lipsticks. What’s also unique about this brand is that their products can be refilled (not wasting its packaging) and their packaging is made from recycled materials. Most products range from $20-$40.

Shop Afterglow online here.

Alima Pure


This makeup brand is highly regarded for its inclusiveness for having their signature powder foundation for all skin tones. They have an amazing wide range of diverse skin colors to choose from, so if you have a skin tone that is harder to find in most makeup brands, make sure to give this makeup brand a try because I’m sure you’ll find your shade with them. Their signature powder foundation is like Bare Minerals, but their high-quality, pure ingredients never includes synthetic dyes to achieve its color. Not only does this company dedicate itself to uncompromising natural and organic beauty, they also are eco-friendly. They use soy-inks on recycled paper for packaging, they are carbon-neutral, and their compacts are refillable. Pricing for their foundations is $28, with eyeshadow pigments costing $14 per color. So, it is a little bit pricier, but it’s still comparable to brands like Bare Minerals.

Shop Alima Pure online here.

If natural looking makeup isn’t your go-to look and you prefer brands at the drugstore or brands at stores like Sephora or Ulta, then below are bullet point lists with a few more of my favorite vegan companies that are sold at these places. And if you are interested in seeing more vegan makeup companies, then make sure to check out Cruelty-Free Kitty. They introduced me to many of the vegan products I have listed here, but they have a great compiled list of vegan makeup brands. And now, onto some of the best high end and drugstore vegan makeup brands.



Vegan Makeup Brands


If you are new to being vegan, you might not know that a lot of makeup companies still test on animals. I honestly have no idea why animals need to be tested for mascaras and lipsticks. It’s absolutely ridiculous to me. But, not to worry because more and more companies everyday are becoming cruelty-free and are making their ingredients vegan. So, I’ve compiled some of my favorite companies that range from high end, to drugstore, to natural makeup brands.

Before I dive in, I’d like to note that certain vegan makeup brands are excluded from this list because while they retail in the US as vegan; however, they sell to China which tests all their imported makeup on animals.

Below are bullet point lists of my favorite vegan companies and if you are interested in seeing more vegan makeup companies then make sure to check out Cruelty-Free Kitty. They have a great compiles list of vegan makeup brands that you can see here. And if you love the galaxy animal prints above, then make sure to check out The National Anthem on Etsy to buy some of their cool prints and wall art décor. You can see some of their cool artwork here. And now, onto the list of vegan makeup brands.




Fit for Fall: Week 2 Update

My second week on this fitness regimen has been a little bit trickier than the first week, and that’s because I traveled to New York. But I didn’t give up. I prevailed and pushed through so that, even on vacation, I didn’t cave in and let go of my workout routine. I’m still following the same set-up as last week’s modifications. But for traveling, there were a few things I needed to do to make sure I got my workout in for the day and to stay motivated while on vacation.

Here are my five tips to stay dedicated to your fitness regimen while on vacation.

Tip 1: Prioritize your workout. Make this the first thing you want to accomplish for the day.  Meaning, make sure your workout is the first thing you do for the day. I typically hate working out in the morning. I prefer an afternoon or evening workout, but for a few days I managed doing it in the morning. It’s important for me to work out first thing in the morning because I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t work out later because I would be too tired from sight-seeing and shopping. So, if it was done first thing in the morning, then the rest of my day was worry-free.

Tip 2: Make sure to eat a light snack before working out, especially if you are working out in the morning. This is very important because working out on an empty stomach can cause nausea, dizziness, fainting, etc. And if you are doing a morning workout like I did in New York, then you need to eat something to break your overnight fast. I had granola bars before my workouts to help power me through, which were perfect for fueling my workout.

Tip 3: Motivate yourself throughout your workout. This can come in many forms. For me, I had two forms of motivation. One, I had a workout buddy. My mom wanted to try my work out after I told her about the challenges I was doing. Having her work out with me put me into a teacher/trainer mode which made me feel confident in my skills and abilities. And two, I put together great playlists. I personally enjoy upbeat dance music to keep my energy up and it helps me push through some certain parts that are very trying.

Tip 4: Reward yourself after your workout. Most days, I rewarded myself with a wonderful vegan breakfast. Stay tuned for my Vegan Eats column coming soon where I show you my favorite vegan restaurants in the city in an epic two-parter. Back to the motivating stuff. This is a great way to get through your workout with the promise of a reward. For me, delicious vegan food is enough to motivate me. However, your reward can be anything. For example, it could be the promise of buying a nice pair of shoes or spending some time at the pool. You can customize your reward to fit into your vacation based on what you want to do while there on vacation.

Tip 5: Don’t make everyday a workout day. I give myself one day off during the week. So, I used Sunday as my free day during my first week on this workout regimen. It was just a day to relax and let my body recover. I found this one-day off system to be very motivating because after I’ve rested, I’m ready to get back to my work outs. But during my vacation, I knew the day I would need off would be Friday. That was the day I arrived in New York after taking a red-eye. So, lack of sleep and no way to check into my hotel early meant I needed a day off and save all my energy for just wandering around the city with my mom. But, just next day I was rested enough and ready to get back into my workout routine.

Those are my five tips for sticking to your fitness regimen/ workout schedule while away on vacation. I highly recommend that you try out these tips, not only for when you travel but also to try to incorporate at home. More importantly, I hope you stick with whatever works for you. I’ve tried many tips over the years and I understand that it can be hard to find a balance that’s right for you. So, take the tips that help and leave behind the ones that don’t, because that’s truly the only way you will stick to a fitness regime for life.

Fit for Fall: Week 1 Update


I have now been on this new fitness regimen for one week and I can already tell how good this has been for me. I had to adjust the workout schedule to match my athletic skills, but by sticking to it I can tell how the exercises are becoming easier through repetition, my running stamina is improving, and I can already feel myself becoming stronger. And these are all things that I was hoping to achieve – and I feel like I’m accomplishing it already at week one!

At first, I was thinking of making this last a month, but I might turn this into a two-month experiment. I like this schedule and since the running challenge is for two months, I’d thought I’d expand the abs and cellulite challenge to two months as well. Right now, I feel that good and optimistic that I might’ve found a workout schedule that actually works for me. Especially since it only takes no longer than 30 minutes, which is easy enough to physically do and low maintenance enough to fit into my day.

As for the modifications I made, they are as follows:

  1. I’ve upped the 30-day ab workout to two sets instead of the original one set of each exercise. And instead of crunches, I am doing sit-ups to engage my full core instead of just engaging the upper abs. I like to start and finish my workout with the ab challenge. It’s perfect to get you loose and warmed up and it also works as a challenging cool down.
  2. I am not doing the cellulite challenge every day. On days when I’m not doing this challenge, I am running. So, I’m not skipping my legs, I’m just alternating between the challenge and running to prevent exhaustion and possibly injuring myself.
  3. And lastly, I’m giving myself a day off during the week to recover and keep myself motivated and inspired. I’m not making this day a set day, because I want to be flexible and listen to my body’s needs. For example, I wanted Sunday off so that’s what I did. But this week, I might need Friday off since I’ll be taking the red-eye to New York that day. If I’m motivated and inspired enough to not need or want a day off then that’s also great too! I just don’t want to feel guilty or punish myself in case there’s just that one day where I need a break to rest.

I can already feel and see the positive effects this new workout schedule has affected my mental health. And, I hope over time I will be able to see some physical benefits from it too. I’ll link the workouts I’m testing out below for you to try too and I hope this helps motivate you to pick up a new fitness regimen.

30 Day Abs – Does it Work?

Can Vegans Use Non-Vegan Makeup?


With the prominence of beauty gurus emerging on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, makeup is fashionably at the forefront of shopping habits for many boys and girls. You even have big celebrities creating their own makeup like Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line, Kylie Cosmetics.  And with makeup gaining popularity, gaining commercial success, more companies are opting for cruelty-free options and vegan ingredients.

As a vegan, I love finding these new vegan products and companies. However, I still have some products from before my vegan transition. The dilemma is then, what do I do with these non-vegan makeup products? Do I throw them away? Do I give them away to someone else?

I don’t recommend throwing away unused or lightly-used non-vegan makeup because it is very wasteful and will contribute to the increasing trash in landfills. Plus, makeup is not cheap. You spent your hard-earned money on that. You wouldn’t throw a twenty-dollar bill in the trash, would you?

As for giving away your non-vegan makeup, I think this can be a good idea. You can be both conscientious about the environment while simultaneously being thoughtful to someone else. But keep in mind, used makeup can carry people’s hygiene since it is evasive and personal to the face. Most people don’t regularly sanitize their makeup. Meaning, you can potentially and accidentally pass along your cold, disease, bacteria, (you name it) etc. to someone else. So, if you do select this option then make sure you sanitize your makeup before gifting it as a courtesy to whoever receives it.


If you feel like those two options don’t suit you, then you can do what I do – wear it! To be clear, I do not buy non-vegan makeup products anymore, but every now and then I am gifted these expensive makeup products. Naturally, I wish they had purchased a vegan product, but I am grateful and appreciative that they think of me. So, I do accept these makeup gifts. When appropriate, I subtly hint my favorite vegan makeup brands by saying something along the lines of, “Thank you for this beautiful lipstick, it reminds me of one of my favorite lipsticks from Benefit. That’s one of my all-time favorite makeup brands.” By saying something like that, I am showing my gratitude and appreciation while subtly informing them of future gift purchases they can make for me.

So, I tend to use all the non-vegan makeup I have until it is all used up. That way I’m not being wasteful and I don’t have to worry about accidentally giving someone an infection. This is what I prefer. But of course, you can do whatever fits you best. And the best part is when I’m all out I can replace it with a vegan product.

Some things I currently have that are non-vegan and animal tested consist of my foundation (a medical formula which is required by law to be tested) and a few lipsticks from various companies. Again, these were gifted to me which is why I have them to begin with, but once they are used up I’ll replace them with a vegan product.


Here, I’m wearing a Dior Addict lipstick in a beautiful dark pink shade (shade 976). It’s one of my favorite picks for Summer with the current Pink Trend happening at the moment. Click here to read more about that fashion trend.

Listed below you’ll find the name of companies that are cruelty-free and 100% vegan to help you decide your future makeup purchases, courtesy of This list has helped me immensely, especially at places like Ulta or Sephora where there is an overwhelming amount of makeup in stock. And I hope this list helps you take on step closer to becoming more aware about what goes into makeup and empowers you to use your dollars to demand change in the beauty industry, because no animal should have to suffer for our beauty.