Thrifty Girl Guide: Workout Clothes

Many people start the new year with the goal to work out and exercise more, and if you are on this journey then this post will help you motivate you to achieve that goal. If you aren’t on that bandwagon of new year’s resolutions, then not to worry, because finding workout clothes for a steal is still a good enough reason to keep reading this. Because, let’s be honest, even if we aren’t working out in our workout clothes, they are still incredibly comfy to lounge around in. But work out clothes are so expensive. I knew there had to be a better way to find something comfy enough to move around in without breaking the bank. Keep reading to find out I bought 5 workout outfits for only $50!

Here is my first look where I paired these Reebok capris with this FILA top. I like the contrast of the accenting neon yellow against the greys and blacks. The Reebok capris were only $7 and the FILA top was $5, both found at Goodwill.

In Look 2, I found thee amazing pink Nike shorts at Macy’s for only $4. Buying summer clothes in winter is a great way to find exclusive discounts. Plus, Macy’s also has some good coupons that reduce an already great price to an even better deal. The black top seen here is from Danskin and at only $4 it puts the good in Goodwill.

Look 3 is my comfy lounge around the house look. These are all workout clothes, but I tend to them casually as my normal clothes. You don’t need to workout to feel comfy, so another great use of these outfits is just to wear as your normal clothes. Normally, these Spalding pants retail at $55. But I found these at Goodwill for only $6! I paired them with this athletic top that I was gifted for Christmas, but it too was second-hand.

In Look 4, you can see I found another Danskin athletic shirt but this time in white. I paired it with these Under Armour shorts I found at TJMaxx for $12. So, for a total of $16 you can look like a total work out goddess.

For my fifth and final look, I paired my favorite Adidas capris with this black Nike athletic shirt. Bothe were found at Goodwill. The capris cost $5 and the top cost only $3!

Getting in shape, being more athletic, whatever your goals for 2018 may be, just know you don’t have to break the bank to invest a little into yourself. Now, that you know where to find the best deals for workout clothes, I hope you have enough motivation to kick-start 2018. I’ve linked below some of my favorite YouTube channels if you need a good workout but can’t afford a gym membership. These at-home workout videos are short enough to make it easy to fit into your schedule but intense enough to feel a good burn. Good luck with your workouts or make 2018 your most comfy year yet.

YouTube Channels:

  1. Boho Beautiful: Has great Pilates and Yoga workouts
  2. Lucy Wyndham-Read: Great low-impact and short workouts that make it easy for everyone to exercise.
  3. Zuzka Light: High cardio, core strength, and short workouts that will make you feel the burn.

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