A Fire in My Hometown


This morning I woke up at 4:30am to the news that my hometown of Santa Rosa, California is on fire. After frantically calling my friends and family, I learned that they had all safely evacuated. But now is the hardest part. The waiting. Waiting for hours possibly days before they can return home, waiting to see if our childhood homes have been burned, waiting to see what’s left after the destruction.

And I guess that’s the true heartbreak my family has to face. Even after going through everything they’ve already been through, they have to wait and anticipate the worst. My heart goes out to them. Because my grandparents’ home is my childhood home. I would be crush if it burned down, but it is currently right down the road from the flames. So it’s very likely my grandparents won’t have a home to return to. And that breaks my heart more than anything.

And my Uncle lives in a neighborhood right in the middle of the flames. He doesn’t know for sure, but he’s absolutely positive his home has burned down by now.

So, if you know anyone in the Santa Rosa area where the Tubbs Fire and Atlas Fire are currently closing in, then make sure to follow the police department and fire department on social media. It’s a great way to find access to water, gas, food, evacuation centers, and places that accept animal housing. I’ve been able to help my family, even though I live in Washington, by following these social media accounts and passing on the information posted there to them.

So, please stay safe during this hectic time and pass this on to anyone you think might need it.

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