Fit for Fall: Week 4 Update


Have you ever started something with a lot of initial excitement but after a while you lose some motivation and feel deterred from accomplishing your goals? This week, for some reason, I wasn’t mentally all there. I only worked out three days this week, which is still good but not what I expected from myself. I may have put high expectations on myself, but it felt like I was off-track from my running, ab, and butt challenges.

I wish I could pin-point why I wasn’t feeling up to my workouts when for three weeks in a row I have been super committed to my fitness regimen. But the reason I embarked on this fitness journey was to improve my mental health. I want to perk up my outlook and not be stuck in the hazy, grim perspective I felt before. I can say I do feel better mentally since starting this, but I don’t want my lack of commitment to affect next week’s progress.

What I’m trying to say is that I hope this recent laziness/lethargic attitude I had doesn’t derail me for too long and that I maintain and continue my fitness regimen. I guess, it’s a natural feeling to think I might quit. Mainly because, that was something I would’ve done in the past. But here are the important things I will focus on; all that I’ve already accomplished so far, my future fitness schedule, and keep in mind the fitness goals I want to achieve.

So, with a positive outlook I will focus on keeping up with my workouts. Stay tuned for my next fitness post to read how I found motivation during this week by thrifting for athletic gear.

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