Fit for Fall: Week 2 Update

My second week on this fitness regimen has been a little bit trickier than the first week, and that’s because I traveled to New York. But I didn’t give up. I prevailed and pushed through so that, even on vacation, I didn’t cave in and let go of my workout routine. I’m still following the same set-up as last week’s modifications. But for traveling, there were a few things I needed to do to make sure I got my workout in for the day and to stay motivated while on vacation.

Here are my five tips to stay dedicated to your fitness regimen while on vacation.

Tip 1: Prioritize your workout. Make this the first thing you want to accomplish for the day.  Meaning, make sure your workout is the first thing you do for the day. I typically hate working out in the morning. I prefer an afternoon or evening workout, but for a few days I managed doing it in the morning. It’s important for me to work out first thing in the morning because I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t work out later because I would be too tired from sight-seeing and shopping. So, if it was done first thing in the morning, then the rest of my day was worry-free.

Tip 2: Make sure to eat a light snack before working out, especially if you are working out in the morning. This is very important because working out on an empty stomach can cause nausea, dizziness, fainting, etc. And if you are doing a morning workout like I did in New York, then you need to eat something to break your overnight fast. I had granola bars before my workouts to help power me through, which were perfect for fueling my workout.

Tip 3: Motivate yourself throughout your workout. This can come in many forms. For me, I had two forms of motivation. One, I had a workout buddy. My mom wanted to try my work out after I told her about the challenges I was doing. Having her work out with me put me into a teacher/trainer mode which made me feel confident in my skills and abilities. And two, I put together great playlists. I personally enjoy upbeat dance music to keep my energy up and it helps me push through some certain parts that are very trying.

Tip 4: Reward yourself after your workout. Most days, I rewarded myself with a wonderful vegan breakfast. Stay tuned for my Vegan Eats column coming soon where I show you my favorite vegan restaurants in the city in an epic two-parter. Back to the motivating stuff. This is a great way to get through your workout with the promise of a reward. For me, delicious vegan food is enough to motivate me. However, your reward can be anything. For example, it could be the promise of buying a nice pair of shoes or spending some time at the pool. You can customize your reward to fit into your vacation based on what you want to do while there on vacation.

Tip 5: Don’t make everyday a workout day. I give myself one day off during the week. So, I used Sunday as my free day during my first week on this workout regimen. It was just a day to relax and let my body recover. I found this one-day off system to be very motivating because after I’ve rested, I’m ready to get back to my work outs. But during my vacation, I knew the day I would need off would be Friday. That was the day I arrived in New York after taking a red-eye. So, lack of sleep and no way to check into my hotel early meant I needed a day off and save all my energy for just wandering around the city with my mom. But, just next day I was rested enough and ready to get back into my workout routine.

Those are my five tips for sticking to your fitness regimen/ workout schedule while away on vacation. I highly recommend that you try out these tips, not only for when you travel but also to try to incorporate at home. More importantly, I hope you stick with whatever works for you. I’ve tried many tips over the years and I understand that it can be hard to find a balance that’s right for you. So, take the tips that help and leave behind the ones that don’t, because that’s truly the only way you will stick to a fitness regime for life.

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