Fit for Fall: Week 1 Update


I have now been on this new fitness regimen for one week and I can already tell how good this has been for me. I had to adjust the workout schedule to match my athletic skills, but by sticking to it I can tell how the exercises are becoming easier through repetition, my running stamina is improving, and I can already feel myself becoming stronger. And these are all things that I was hoping to achieve – and I feel like I’m accomplishing it already at week one!

At first, I was thinking of making this last a month, but I might turn this into a two-month experiment. I like this schedule and since the running challenge is for two months, I’d thought I’d expand the abs and cellulite challenge to two months as well. Right now, I feel that good and optimistic that I might’ve found a workout schedule that actually works for me. Especially since it only takes no longer than 30 minutes, which is easy enough to physically do and low maintenance enough to fit into my day.

As for the modifications I made, they are as follows:

  1. I’ve upped the 30-day ab workout to two sets instead of the original one set of each exercise. And instead of crunches, I am doing sit-ups to engage my full core instead of just engaging the upper abs. I like to start and finish my workout with the ab challenge. It’s perfect to get you loose and warmed up and it also works as a challenging cool down.
  2. I am not doing the cellulite challenge every day. On days when I’m not doing this challenge, I am running. So, I’m not skipping my legs, I’m just alternating between the challenge and running to prevent exhaustion and possibly injuring myself.
  3. And lastly, I’m giving myself a day off during the week to recover and keep myself motivated and inspired. I’m not making this day a set day, because I want to be flexible and listen to my body’s needs. For example, I wanted Sunday off so that’s what I did. But this week, I might need Friday off since I’ll be taking the red-eye to New York that day. If I’m motivated and inspired enough to not need or want a day off then that’s also great too! I just don’t want to feel guilty or punish myself in case there’s just that one day where I need a break to rest.

I can already feel and see the positive effects this new workout schedule has affected my mental health. And, I hope over time I will be able to see some physical benefits from it too. I’ll link the workouts I’m testing out below for you to try too and I hope this helps motivate you to pick up a new fitness regimen.

30 Day Abs – Does it Work?

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