The Cosplays of Comic Con 2017


(My husband posing with these awesome Cosplayers)

Every year, San Diego’s Comic Con lures in all types of self-declared nerds and geeks to celebrate the art of comics and all things pop culture. With the love and appreciation for comics comes the creation of cosplaying.

You may ask, what is cosplaying? Cosplaying is when a person dresses up as their favorite character from a TV show, movie, comic, or video-game. But it’s not limited to just those things. As you’ll see from this year’s cosplayers, you can choose to be just about anything.

The real heart and soul of cosplaying comes from identifying one’s self with the character. And, like an adult version of Halloween, one can feel free to express this artistic aspect of themselves for a day. It’s a fun, creative form of self-expression that celebrates pop-culture and, more importantly, celebrates one’s self as well as the character they admire.


(Me dressed up as Emily)

For Comic Con, my husband and I dressed as Emily and Corvo from the video-game Dishonored 2. Making these costumes together was a ton of fun (despite the few sewing mishaps we had) and it was a really great bonding experience for the two of us. Plus, it was really cool to be recognized at Comic Con by fans of the video-game. And it was absolutely an honor to have people ask to take our pictures. It was such a blast!


(My husband dressed up as Corvo)

Here are a few awesome cosplayers we ran into. Look and see how amazing, fun, and various the cosplays were at this year’s Comic Con.


(These cosplayers are dressed up as characters from the video-game Overwatch. The middleman is Cosplayer Mike Justice. Follow him on Instagram @mikejusticee or Twitter @mikeejustice)


(another Overwatch Cosplay)


(My husband posing with Pimp Darth Vader and Pimp Boba Fett)


(A cool Deathstroke Cosplay)


This beautiful Taco Belle Cosplay)

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