Dungeons & Dragons


I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July. My husband and I had a wonderful weekend with a few friends over and a lot of fun games to play and good food to eat. Playing a table top/ role playing game such as Dungeons and Dragons was exactly what I needed. And quite frankly, I think it is something everyone could use more of in their lives.

Sitting in a circle, having conversations, and eating food that everyone pitched in to make, just made me feel really connected and very in the moment. I know there are other ways to feel this way, but for me (someone who used to refuse the idea of playing RPG’s) playing games with people who you enjoy being around is how I got that feeling of connectivity and present in the moment.

So, I hope you can remember that in the midst of a busy life or a hectic one, you can make time to really connect with people who make you laugh and feel good to remind you what life is worth living for.

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